A bi-communal meeting of Overseas Cypriots representing the Presidium of the “Commission of Rapprochement of Overseas Cypriots of POMAK,” the “United Cyprus Platform of Overseas Cypriots” took place at the “Home for Cooperation” in the UN Buffer Zone in Nicosia.

Present were also representatives of the “Bi-communal Peace Initiative – United Cyprus”, of the civil society, trade unions and bi-communal organizations in Cyprus.

According to an announcement, the meeting analyzed the developments in Cyprus: the effort to resume the bi-communal talks, the economic crisis plaguing the entire island, the political changes that took place recently, the mounting crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the light of these developments, the participants stressed the urgent need to pursue a peaceful viable and functional solution that would reunify the island.

The Turkish Cypriot participants informed of their concern of disappearing as a community because of the demographic alteration of their Cypriot character. They also informed the meeting of the results of a poll of the “T/C initiative on Famagusta” on the question of returning the town of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants, as well as the immediate opening of the port of Famagusta. The poll showed that 73% supported such a proposal.

The participants decided: To support the peace initiatives announced by the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot trade unions on the occasion of September 1 – the World Day of Peace of workers; To support efforts to resume substantive inter-communal talks that will result in a viable, workable and long-lasting solution; To work in the direction of supporting initiatives for the return of the city of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants and the opening of its port; To reactivate the bi-communal initiatives of organizations in Cyprus and abroad, aiming at contributing to the efforts for an effective inter-communal dialogue and the promotion of initiatives for Famagusta, appealing to the leaders of the two communities, the leaders of concerned countries and to interstate organizations, and to organize events and actions, both in Cyprus and abroad.

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