Three men from Bangladesh and two women from Nepal were remanded in custody for eight days on Saturday on suspicion of issuing forged certificates.
All five were in Cyprus illegally. They were arrested on Friday evening in a Limassol home which police suspect they were using to forge documents.
Police found two stamps of an embassy, two stamps for residence permits and a plaque used to create a stamp, a fake temporary stay permit, a number of degrees from Cyprus colleges which appear to be forged, various wedding certificates from Cyprus municipalities which also appear to be forged, the sum of €350, a computer and a printer/scanner.
Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades said one of the suspects had said they would forge documents and sell them for €10 to €20 each, although other information indicates they sold for €100.

“According to evidence we have secured, a number of these documents have been sold to Asians and the police is trying to find these people in an effort to secure their testimony for this case,” he said.
The five are being held for living in Cyprus illegally, conspiring to commit crime, forgery and circulation of forged document holding among other offences, he said.

Cyprus Weekly

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