Cyprus says it has no official information about the possibility of British bases in Cyprus being used for military action against Syria in response to alleged poisonous gas attacks by government forces.

The London Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph have said that British and American military officials are working on plans to use the British base at Akrotiri for attacks on selected Syrian government targets.

“The government has neither been officially advised nor has any other information about the prospect of British bases on Cyprus being used by Britain and the United States”, said Defense Minister Fotis Fotiou.

He said the situation in the eastern Mediterranean region is “very grave”.

Petros Zarounas, an analyst of Middle East affairs, also told our radio station that he expects some kind of military action against Syria in about two weeks time, after diplomatic and military preparations have been completed.

He said he expected any military action against the regime of President Hafez al Assad would to take the form of prεcision attacks with Tomahawk cruise missiles which would be launched from United States navy ships sailing in the Mediterranean.

Zarounas believes that this kind of action would not require  support by planes taking off form Akrotiri’s airfield.

He said any attacks would be limited to punitive action as he believed, the United States would not like to uspet the military balance in favour of anti-government forces in the absense of a credible body to take over from Assad.

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