The Cyprus Government has not received any information that the United Nations promote an interim solution on the Cyprus problem, based on the  Ghali Set of Ideas, introduced in 1992 by the then UNSG Boutros Ghali for a settlement.

Speaking to the press after a three-hour meeting in the presidential retreat in the Troodos Mountains on defense issues, the Spokesman pointed out that the Government has a specific strategy on the resumption of the talks, adding that no information or discussion has taken place at any level related to an interim solution based on the Ghali Set of Ideas.

Stylianides noted that the Government insists that the talks must be well prepared so that they have successful results, pointing out that no preconditions have been put forward before the President of the Republic for the resumption of the talks.

He also revealed that the President will send letters to the international community, underlining that we insist on the good and thorough preparation of the dialogue.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37% of its territory.

Repeated UN-led rounds of peace talks have so far failed to bring about a negotiated settlement that would reunite the country. Talks are expected to resume between the two Cypriot communities in the autumn.


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