Cyprus’ achievements in the fight against racial discrimination have been very important, Law Commissioner Leda Koursoumba said, while presenting a relevant country report for Cyprus.

According to an official announcement, Koursoumba, while speaking in Geneva before the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, a UN body, on August 26, said that important steps have been made towards eliminating all forms of racism.

She added, however, that a lot remains to be done, while expressing her confidence that the state is committed in making every possible effort towards this direction.

The Law Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus said moreover that despite the financial crisis, the state remains committed in complying fully with the provisions of relevant international treaties, to which it is a contracting party.

She expressed regret that the Cyprus government is not in a position to secure the treaty’s implementation in the areas of the Republic that are not under its control, and which remain under illegal Turkish occupation since 1974.

Koursoumba referred in particular to progress made in adopting anti-racist policies by state authorities, and in increasing awareness on xenophobia, homophobia, racist behaviours and sexual exploitation of women among young people and professional groups, such as the police force.

She also noted the efforts to socially integrate third country nationals that reside permanently in Cyprus.

According to the announcement, country rapporteur for Cyprus January Bardill thanked the Law Commissioner for the report, as well as on the action that is being taken in Cyprus to combat racial discrimination.

She called on the Cyprus government to continue being vigilant with regards to the respect of human rights, especially with regards to vulnerable groups of the population, such as immigrants and asylum seekers.

The report is expected to be made public in early September, after being submitted to state authorities.

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