Owners of vehicles that give out large amounts of carbon dioxide will have to pay considerably more for their road tax under a new law that should come into force in January.
The government decided yesterday that in future how much a motorist pays will depend on the level of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions.
The decision to make the change was taken at yesterday’s cabinet meeting held at the Presidential cottage in Troodos.
Government Spokesman Christos Stylianides said the re-evaluation of the system was necessary not only for environmental reasons but also so that Cyprus could harmonise with current EU laws on CO2 emissions.
The new law will effectively see vehicles classified into four categories and paying a sliding scale of road tax according to how polluting they are.
The average car in Cyprus emits around 150 grams of CO2 per kilometre with current road tax fees set at around €85 per year. The new law will see that fee rise to around €150.
Small cars or environmentally friendly vehicles that give off low emissions are likely to pay around €65 per year.
Large vehicles such as buses may have to pay as much as €400.
The decision is part of sweeping directives ordered by the cabinet yesterday.

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