British prime minister David Cameron has interrupted his holiday in Cornwall for talks with American president Barack Obama, French preisident Francois Hollande, and German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Daily Telegraph reported that, following telephonic discussions over the weekend, all the leaders agreed on the need for a “serious response.” Government sources confirmed that military action was among the options, although no decisions had yet been taken.

If military action is approved, the first wave of missiles could start within a week.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague today said that it would be possible to respond to chemical weapons use in Syria without the unanimous backing of the United Nations Security Council.

The paper said a Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine is believed to be in the region while a number of warships recently entered into the Mediterranean for exercises with ships of other countries.

France’s foreign minister today said that no decision had yet been made on whether to take military action in response to the poison gas attack in Syria.

Laurent Fabius said in a radio interview that there had to be a proportional reaction which would be decided in the coming days.

He added that all options are envisaged. The only one not on the table, is the one taking no action.

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