National Statistical Service of Greece finally  announced the 2011 census final data.

More specifically, the census survey held in February 2011 throughout the country shows that Greeks are numbered over 10 million reaching 10,815,197. Women take the lead over men by 2%. The female population hits 5,512,494 (51%) while men amount to 5.302.703 (̟49%).

According to the ELSTAT data, in nine out of the ten largest municipalities of the country, women are more than men with the exception of the City of Rhodes where the female population is 49.9%.

The ten most populous Greek municipalities are: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, Piraeus, Larissa, Volos, Peristeri, Rhodes and Ioannina.

Moreover, the survey shows among others, that 50.3% of the population is legally married, while 39.0% of the population is single, where men predominate as they represent 21.5% of the population.

Finally, regarding immigrants, they amount to 911,929 with 199,101 holding an EU country citizenship and 708,003 coming from other countries. Half of them are Albanians, followed by Bulgarians, Romanians, Pakistanis and Georgians. It is also revealed that most of them actually choose to live in urban rather than rural areas

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