Footballers could receive fines of at least €40,000 or up to a lifetime ban from the sport if they are caught match-fixing the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and the footballer’s union (PASP) said yesterday.

Speaking at a press conference the CFA’s deputy chief Nicos Nicolaou said that match-fixing was one of the biggest problem that football was faced with on a global scale.

“It troubles us and we feel shame whenever we receive files from European football’s governing body UEFA (regarding possible matches that might be fixed). The CFA hails PASP’s campaign to inform footballers on the subject as their testimonies are crucial in solving these cases,” he said.

He called on footballers to report any possible incidents through PASP’s hotline.

“The CFA is in touch with UEFA and a meeting well take place with European football’s governing body to see what tactics can be used to combat the phenomenon and also talk to other countries’ associations to see what methods they use,” Nicolaou said.

Head of PASP Spyros Neophytides said that the footballer’s union has come to an agreement with the CFA to proceed with a common campaign in their attempts to prevent and inform footballers about match-fixing ahead of the new season.

“We have already begun contacting footballers and what we have established is their surprise when it comes to fines that might be given out and how responsible they are even if they don’t actually bet on a match but give out information about their team,” he said.

Fines start at €40,000 and can be as severe as a lifetime ban from the sport, Neophytides said.

He explained that all footballers will receive an informative leaflet with the rules.

“We owe it to the sport, to protect it,” he said.

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