Davutoglu alleged that the Republic of Cyprus’ attitude did not open the way for solution

Illegal Bayrak television (28.06.13) broadcast that the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu met the ambassadors of European Union member states in a lunch given in honor of him by EU Term President Ireland.

Speaking at the lunch, Davutoglu referred to the Cyprus problem alleging that Turkey was determined for the solution in Cyprus problem, and claiming that the attitude of “Greek Cypriot administration”, as he called the Republic of Cyprus, did not open the way for the solution. He also said that they expected EU’s help towards the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Referring to the natural gas exploration by the Republic of Cyprus, Davutoglu said that the “unilateral exploration” is not beneficial for the whole of the island.

Moreover, touched upon the importance of the relationship between Turkey and EU and the opening of Chapter 22, Davutoglu said: “One swallow does not make a summer”.

Davutoglu also pointed out to the chapters 23 and 24 and said that Turkey wanted to open new chapters.


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