A spoof online news report on April Fools’ Day tipping Peter Andre as the next town mayor left some residents thinking the world was going “insania”.

It appeared on the website -www.thisissussex.co.uk – and said the reality TV star, who lives near East Grinstead and owns the popular New York Coffee Club cafe on London Road, was considering a bid to become mayor.

 They claimed community leaders backed the idea, hoping it would attract celebrity pals such as Kerry Katona and Amy Childs to the town, and boost tourism.
They cheekily quoted a source as saying: “Apart from the Queen, David Beckham and Terry Wogan there aren’t many people in the world more famous than Peter Andre.
 “If he attended a jumble sale as mayor it would attract thousands – and that’s a lot of jumble that’s going to get sold.”

It was, of course, all made up.

Asked what they thought of the idea, most readers were quick to realise we were joking, taking to Facebook and Twitter to make light of the story.

Reader Julie Reilly was receptive to the suggestion, saying: “Ha ha, brilliant. Although now you mention it I think he’d be rather good!” But less impressed was Lucy Doyle, who said simply: “Are you actually kidding me?”

Current East Grinstead mayor Liz Bennett also commented on the story, quipping that she was polishing the mayor’s chain, in readiness for handing it over to the singer.

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