President Anastasiades said he was not expecting anything from Greece in terms of financial aid for the economic crisis faced by Cyprus. He said “They owe us nothing and it’s not their duty” responding to an Associated Press question.

In terms of criticism over an alleged list of people and companies who transferred money abroad just before the haircut was announced, among them a firm owned by his brother-in-law, President Anastasiades said it would not have been possible to know the haircut development.

At a time when I was battling in the Eurogroup until early hours to prevent the haircut, I couldn’t have been giving a heads up to my relatives.

President Anastasiades reiterated that during tomorrow’s ceremony of the financial crisis investigative committee taking over its dutiies, it is possible that he will include in their mandate, an investigation concerning his relatives.

The President stressed that growth is the basic axis of the government’s rescue package with measures expected to go through the cabinet in the next two weeks.


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