PARLIAMENT yesterday demanded a list of names of people who transferred money out of Cyprus before a March 15 Eurogroup decision to impose a tax on depositors that sparked a crisis that threatens to kill the island’s banking system.
Speaking after a five-hour meeting, the chairman of the House Institutions Committee said they needed more information on the matter.
“An investigation is also needed on whether the government was informed – both the former and the current administrations – about many important issues that, which created the problem in the banking system, especially at Laiki,” Demetris Syllouris said.
The committee will send a letter to the Central Bank governor asking for a list of individuals who had transferred money out of Cyprus before March 15, Syllouris said.
The personal data commissioner said it was up to the governor to decide whether to publish the list but he was obliged to hand it over to parliament.
Attorney-general Petros Clerides agreed that it was up to the governor.
“If the list exists, the authority to decide is the Central Bank governor. The governor should ask two questions: if he has the authority, which he does, and if publication of the list serves public interest,” Clerides told lawmakers.
A letter will also be send to the Laiki Bank administrator, asking for information regarding the branches in Greece

Cyprus Mail

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