A 48-YEAR-OLD man from Limassol had his car completely destroyed just after midnight on Thursday when it was set on fire, police said. According to reports, the 48-year-old noticed his car was on fire at 12.30am as it was parked outside his house. The fire was eventually extinguished by members of the fire service after the car, valued at around €15,000, had been destroyed. A police spokesman said that during investigations, a 10 metre trail of flammable liquid residue was found leading to the front of the car.

Also, three cars were set on fire in a car yard belonging to a 37-year-old man in Kato Polemidia in Limassol around 2am yesterday, police said. According to a police spokesman, members of the fire service arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire after it had caused around €22,000 worth of damage to three cars. After investigating, police said they were looking at a case of arson as the cars were covered in a flammable liquid. According to reports, the car yard’s office window was the entry point for the culprits who also covered the office with flammable liquid, although they did not set fire to it.

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