A ROBBERY in Limassol in the early hours of yesterday ended mysteriously after the €2,700 in stolen loot was later found by police discarded in a field.

According to a police spokesman, they received a report from a 57-year-old restaurant cashier just after midnight that as she was leaving work with the day’s earnings of €2,700 when a man had approached her in her car and took the money.

According to reports, as soon as the 57-year-old sat in the driver’s seat, a masked man, wearing black clothes and a woollen hat, between 1.70m and 1.75m in height opened the door, pulled her out and threw her to the ground.

He then grabbed the purse with the earnings and a bag with leftover food from the restaurant. He made his getaway over a wall, through a field.

A 59-year-old security guard from the restaurant ran to the aid of the woman.

Police said that the purse with the earnings was found later on in a field, by members of the force

Cyprus Mail

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