Kucuk describes the Greek Cypriot side as “wolf in sheep’s clothing”
Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes newspaper (07.03.13) reports that Irsen Kucuk, self-styled prime minister of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, has alleged that the Greek Cypriot side is the one which had always been doing the attacking in Cyprus and that Democratic Rally Party (DISY), of the newly elected President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades has been established from the EOKA-B organization.

In statements yesterday during a meeting with a delegation from TMT “fighters’ association”, Kucuk said that with the election of former President Christofias some people thought that there was hope for the Cyprus problem, but no progress has been achieved.

Kucuk claimed that the newly elected President Anastasiades, who is “known for saying ‘yes’ to the Annan Plan”, “destroyed the hopes for peace” by stating one thing before the elections and another afterwards, and by allegedly showing that he was not much different from the other [Greek Cypriot] leaders.

Kucuk alleged that the solution of the Cyprus problem and not the accession of Cyprus in NATO should be on the agenda in the government-controlled area of the island. He recalled that all guarantor powers of the Republic of Cyprus are members of NATO and alleged that the Greek Cypriot side “is trying to give to the world a message being a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

In his statements, the chairman of the above-mentioned association, Yilmaz Bora alleged that fifty years after what he called as “genocide”, President Anastasiades makes a call saying “come on let us unite” as if nothing happened in Cyprus. Bora claimed that the current situation “offers the viable bi-zonal, two-state solution which the whole world is looking for”.


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