AROUND 1,000 people gathered outside Parliament yesterday despite a vote on the proposed haircut being postponed until  today at 6pm.

Around half of the protesters dispersed quite quickly after receiving news that the vote had been put back, planning on regrouping outside the House today.

“I’m here for the same reason as everyone else to protest the bill and we will come tomorrow and the next day if required,” 56-year-old insurance salesman Lambros Kannaouros said.

“The decision to make the people pay is unfair,” he added.

Petros Heracleous a 26-year-old unemployed protester believed that attempts to restructure the haircut were pre-planned to make the people think that the politicians were trying to change something. “We prefer to keep our pride instead of suffering the repercussions of a haircut,” he said.

Forty-year-old telecommunications regulator, Yiannos Demetriou felt that a haircut would go against human rights and against the Cyprus constitution. “They are trying to take advantage of us so they can take our natural gas and impose a solution to the Cyprus problem that will suit foreign powers,” he said. “If Anastasiades is assuming the political cost of the haircut then he should call for a referendum or even call a general election,” he added.

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