Crooked businesman Turkish Cypriot  Asil Nadir paid compensation totalling 5 million pounds to defrauded investors in his Polly Peck fruit company following an order by a London Assize Court.

The Court said that if Nadir failed to pay the money he would have to stay in prison for many more years on top of the 10-year sentence imposed on him for fraudulent bankrutpcy in August last year.

Payment of the compensation opens up the way for Nadir to be sent to either Turkey or the occupied part of Cyprus to serve the remainder of his sentence.

However, this is expected to provoke criticism against Britain’s Conservative Party, which had received donations from Nadir, totaling 400 thousand pounds.

Nadir had built his Polly Peck company by exploiting Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied part of Cyprus following the 1974 invasion by Turkish troops.

He caused a fraudulent bunkruptcy of his firm and then absconded to the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus, where where he used the fraudulently obtained money to open a radio and television station and  publish a newspaper.

2 Responses to Turkish Cypriot Asil Nadir pays £5 million compensation

  1. zoe charalambous says:

    Typical, he always knew he would buy his way out of prison! If they send him back to Cyprus, you can bet your euro that he will be released to go live his life in his luxury villa! Whilst all the people who own houses in the North are not free to go back to their land or homes, if this is justice! where even criminals are let free…then what hope is there?

  2. zoe charalambous says:

    Money talks and buys even justice to few in this world and Mr Nadir is proof. It is a fact that North Cyprus is a law free zone. So who is meant to police Mr Nadir?

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