President Christofias in Athens; pledges to remain engaged in efforts for Cyprus solution

President of the Republic Demetris Christofias pledged Tuesday that he will remain an active citizen after his term in office ends this month, noting that he will continue making statements about the solution to the Cyprus issue.

Speaking after a meeting in the Greek capital with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Christofias thanked the Greek government for supporting Cyprus, its people and its leadership.

He said the friendship between the two countries had to face Turkish threats and provocations in the last years, noting however he believes that Greece and Cyprus will manage to overcome problems which do not solely concern both countries but the entire world.

The Cypriot President said that despite the fact that we have not achieved our ultimate goal concerning the Cyprus problem, we have managed to upset the Turkish dogma of ‘no step forward’ and have made many steps forward despite the Turkish intransigence.

On his part, Prime Minister Samaras referred to the excellent cooperation with President Christofias, noting he has managed to complete a successful Cyprus Presidency of the European Council.

He also thanked the President for Cyprus’ contribution during the difficult times in Greece and described the President’s decision to abandon politics as a bold move, saying he hoped history will justify him.
President Christofias earlier met with Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Evangelos Meimarakis.

In statements, he said that his first trip as President was in Athens and for this reason he wanted to complete his term with a visit to the Greek capital.
He said he feels justified in relation to the national problem, adding he will continue to fight for a solution to the Cyprus issue.

On his part, Meimarakis referred to the close bonds between the two countries and stressed Greece’s contribution in Cyprus’ accession to the European Union.

He also expressed hope that the two peoples will overcome their financial problems and their EU partners will be understanding.


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