A cargo ship carrying illegal guns from Turkey to the occupied area of Cyprus was arrested; it is reportedly said that the guns were to be transferred illegally to the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus

Under the front-page title: “Kalashnikov and 21 thousand bullets in one container”, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika (19.02.13) reports that the “coastguard team” in Mersina had arrested  a cargo ship belonging to the Akgunler Navigation Company and seized one container Kalashnikov guns and 21 thousand bullets.

According to the paper, the cargo ship had been caught yesterday afternoon travelling from Tasucu port to the occupied area of Cyprus. It is rumoured also that the weapons were planned to be transferred illegally to the free area of the Republic of Cyprus via the “TRNC”, writes the paper.

The paper points out that it was made known that the Akgunler Maritime Company, as well as the Akgunler Tourism and the Acapulco tourist village which belongs, to the Turkish Cypriot businessman Unal Caginer. Also, among the information acquired, is that, the Turkish authorities investigated the case. However, no statement was issued by the occupation regime “authorities”, or from the Akgunler Company.


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