Cyprus claims that figures given to EU statistics service about horsemeat imports grossly exaggerated

Cyprus says that figures given to Eurostat, the EU statistics service, about horsemeat imports in Cyprus are grossly inflated and do not match figures reached at by local authorities.

Eurostat has said that Cyprus imported 292 tons of horsemeat and claimed that it received this figure from Cyprus’ statistics department.

However, the Director of the Veterninary Services, George Kyriakides, said that the statistics department, when called on to confirm this claim, said that it never give Eurostat such figures.

Kyriakides offered an explanation by saying that there may be a mix up because of the involvement of an offshore company, Draap Trading, which deals in meat across Europe

He explained that this company is represented in Cyprus by an audit firm which merely handles its bills and is not in any way engaged in actual meat handling


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