The drug squad believe they have broken up a drug-ring after two customs officials, aged 58 and 53 were arrested on Monday afternoon, police said yesterday. The arrests came after German authorities were tipped off by Dutch authorities and found more than 12 kilos of cannabis at a courier’s in Frankfurt, on February 2, destined for Cyprus.  The drugs would have a street value going on €400,000 on the island.

According to drug squad spokesman, Stelios Sergides, INTERPOL and EUROPOL both contacted the drug squad in their attempts to locate the responsible parties.

After investigations were carried out, warrants were issued for the two men who were arrested on Monday, although a third suspect,  a 34-year-old, is still on the loose.

Sergides revealed that the 58-year-old injured himself while he was being held and is now in Limassol General Hospital for observation. The 53-year-old was remanded for eight days by Limassol District Court yesterday.

Sergides revealed that local police and police from the British Bases were searching for the 34-year-old as he is believed to live in the Trachoni region of Limassol, which falls under Sovereign Base Area police jurisdiction. The man’s name has also been placed on the stop list.

In another drug-related story, Sergides told the Mail that a 34-year-old Greek-Cypriot contract soldier was arrested at Rome Airport on Monday afternoon after Italian Authorities found 15 kilos of cocaine in his baggage. The man was returning to Cyprus via Rome from Brazil. “The case is now in the hands of the Italian authorities,” Sergides said. “We are in contact with them and if any information comes out about any recipients of the drugs or accomplices we will be informed and will proceed in making the necessary arrests,” he concluded

Cyprus Mail

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