Three Cypriots, two 16 year-olds and a 29 year old, are under arrest for disturbing the peace after an incident in Limassol on Friday night. Police told the Cyprus News Agency that at around 7.00 pm on Friday, some 200 Kurds took part in a torch lit procession to mark the anniversary of the arrest of PKK leader Abdulah Ocalan. At one point, a car drove past the demonstrators and theĀ  driver appears to have insulted the participants. Some 30 Kurds then attacked the co-driver, police intervened and the car with three Cypriots inside drove off, police said. The Kurds continued their march to the Kurdish Cultural Centre. There, at around 9.00 pm, some 100 mostly young people with clubs and molotovs descended on the building. The Kurds threw stones, police intervened and arrested three people, all Cypriots.

Cyprus Weekly

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