A rush at petrol stations is expected throughout the day, as an island wide indefinite strike as of tomorrow morning has been confirmed by petrol station owners.

The owners association said that following the governments’ failure to satisfy their demand to freeze the building of new station, a strike will be extended from the Famagusta district to the whole island.

The strike initially started in the Paralimni area where the municipality gave the go ahead for the building of a new station, causing the owners’ reaction.

An official from the association said the problem stems from a delay in the approval of regulations already agreed upon by the parliamentary Commerce Committee, which restrict new fuel terminals.

Claiming that there are already too many petrol terminals  to the extent that business is unprofitable, the association demands that licences for new petrol stations be re-considered.

Αn official at the Town Planning Department said that as of 2011 stricter terms apply in issuing licences for new petrol stations.

Αsked on the governments’ reaction to the strike, spokesman Stephanou said that the matter is being dealt with by the ministry of the interior and is multi-faceted.

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