Greek tax inspectors who routinely find tax cheats in Greece said they were amazed at how brazen and widespread it was in the village of Arma, Thebes where they said they found most of the residents driving around in super-luxury cars such as Ferraris and the Porche Cayenne.

The agents said they were examining nine suspects for tax evasion and charged that one stole more than 1 million euros ($1.3 million) by not paying any Valued Added Taxes (VAT) on goods he sold. The inspectors said that a farmer from presented fake invoices with net asset value of 2.5 million euros ($3.28 million),  while another farmer is said to have issued fake and bogus invoices with net value of 1.1 million euros, ($1.4 million).

The inspectors were in the village to look for a farmer woman they said had 100 fake invoices of 4.1 million euros ($5.39 million) she made from selling potatoes and onions. They said she was getting VAT refunds on on behalf the other villagers. The officials said they suspect some 9-10 million euros ($11.8-$15.7 million) had been stolen by alleged tax cheats in the village.

Greek Reporter

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