PETER Andre is a chart-topper once more, after food hygiene experts rated his East Grinstead cafe among the best in town.

The pop star fell foul of inspectors in February when his new business, the New York Coffee Club, was given a hygiene rating of just one out of five.

They discovered a bin was overflowing, the floor was dirty and there was no hand basin for food handlers working in the preparation room.

Mr Andre was told the London Road outlet required “urgent improvement” and set out to rectify the problems immediately, resulting in a five-star rating when inspectors returned unannounced last Wednesday.

Coincidentally, the inspection was carried out on the same day as the singer displayed a copy of the Courier & Observer, which exclusively revealed the original inspection results, to millions of viewers on his ITV2 show Peter Andre: My Life.

His brother Danny, director of the cafe, said: “The first inspection was a disappointment, but we were always confident we’d get a five rating. Any new business is going to have a few teething problems and we learn from our mistakes. We had come from running a 120-seater restaurant in Australia, where the rules and regulations are different. We always got the top marks.

“They didn’t run a number rating system out there, but if you weren’t up to scratch they would shut you down.

“You always get a bit nervous when they turn up unannounced, but we’re feeling great now. Pete is over the moon, he’s so happy.”

When the cafe originally scored one only two businesses in the town had scored lower.

Danny added: “Being a new business, you learn from things like this. We’re a lot more clued up on all the rules and regulations now.

“They said we have to have a second sink. That probably cost us two to three points. The other issues were just minor things.”

Hundreds of fans flocked to the opening of the New York Coffee Club in November last year, and work started this week to prepare the brothers’ next branch, in Brighton.

In a statement on his website, Peter Andre said: “As the owner, I feel very proud to receive this five-star rating and we take pride in our cleanliness, great coffee and great service.

“Thank you all very much for your continued support.”

Danny added: “Things are looking up and we just want to bring positivity to the town.

“We could have opened anywhere, but we chose East Grinstead because we have loyalties to the town. It’s close to us and we wanted to test the market here.”

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