A 32-YEAR-OLD Russian tourist was arrested Friday in Limassol at round 2am after police discovered her 11-year-old child locked in the car, while she apparently partied at a bar close by. The woman was charged in writing for failing to perform her duties regarding the care of someone under the age of 14 years of age and then released. Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said that Social Services had been informed. “We have before us a very shocking case,” said Katsounotos. “You wonder how someone can recklessly expose their own child to danger,” he added. According to Katsounotos, Yermasoyia police found the child crying in the car, which was parked along the coastal road with the right-side window open. Police tried to get the child to open the door but he could not so they got him to hand over the mobile that he had on him, which they used to call his mother. The 32-year-old appeared ten minutes later coming out of a bar nearby with a “strong” smell of alcohol on her. She simply told police she “wanted to have fun”, they said, and did not have anyone to leave the child with.

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