Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (26.07.11) reports that Mehmet Cakici, leader of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), has said that the latest by the end of the week his party will file the necessary complaint to international institutions for the violence used by the “police” of the breakaway regime against demonstrators during the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s illegal visit to the occupied area of Cyprus.

In statements yesterday in the occupied part of Lefkosia, Cakici assessed the violence used by the “police” and the developments regarding this issue.

Noting that they will file a complaint to international organizations by the end of the week, Cakici said that the “Security Forces Command” and the “Police Director’s Office” are those responsible for the incidents. He described the attack of the “police” as “conscious and planned” and reiterated that the “police” used disproportionate force.

Cakici said that his party did not participate in the celebrations on the occasion of the Turkish invasion on 20 July in order to protest for this violence of the “police” against the Turkish Cypriot “people” and added that they informed Prime Minister Erdogan on this issue.

Cakici noted that during their meeting with Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister raised the issue of the population and the necessity of the Turkish Cypriots having four children each. Cakici said that they told Erdogan that the population in the occupied area of Cyprus is enough and that they face economic problems because of the increase of population. Therefore, he added, no increase of population is needed. Cakici said that the annual number of marriages is 3.000 and the population is enough together with those who are granted the “citizenship” of the regime. Cakici noted that unemployment among the young people reached 30%.

According to Cakici, Erdogan said that the trade unions have no right to go on strike anywhere they wish and that the trade unions which are not member of the International Labor Organization (ILO) should not be taken into consideration. Cakici noted that he responded to Erdogan that all their trade unions are member of ILO and that he should try to understand the trade unions which demand the existence of the Turkish Cypriot community, instead of reacting against them.

Cakici said that he told Erdogan that they are against the economic package which is implemented in the occupied area of Cyprus and this is the reason of their demonstrations, but the National Unity Party (UBP) so-called government directs all their reaction against the AK Party.

Cakici referred also to the proposals of the TDP regarding the Cyprus problem. He said that Turkey should fulfill its obligation of implementing the Customs Union Protocol it signed in 2005 and open its sea and airports to vessels and aircrafts under the flag of the Republic of Cyprus. He noted that the port of Famagusta should be opened to international trade under the supervision of the EU and that the scope of the Green Line Regulation should be broadened so that the Turkish Cypriots are included in the trade between Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus. He said that illegal Tymvou airport should be opened to international flights under the supervision of the EU and the fenced-off town of Varosha should be returned to its legal Greek Cypriot owners under the temporary control of the UN. Cakici noted that Turkey, Greece, Britain and the two communities of Cyprus should establish a mechanism and mutually decrease their troops on the island. He also suggested cooperation of the “administrative units” of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots until the solution of the Cyprus problem. He said that a population census should jointly be held both in the occupied north and the south part of the island under the supervision of the UN and the EU, and the status of the people living on the island should be determined. Finally, he noted that the development of the commercial and social relations between the two communities of the island should be encouraged.

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