Under the title: “The Turkish side is ready”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (04.07.11) reports that in an interview with illegal Bayrak television, Kudret Ozersay, Turkish Cypriot leader Eroglu’s advisor, said yesterday that they are waiting for a concrete result from the tripartite summit to be held in Geneva on 7 July.

Ozersay noted that “it is not impossible” for the Turkish Cypriot side to go to Geneva with a new plan and argued that the negotiations are approaching to an end and therefore a plan is needed if there is a will to solve the problem. “If you want to solve a problem, you have to have an action plan. If you avoid making a plan or a program, it means you are not serious on the issue of solving the problem”, he alleged.

Ozersay reiterated the Turkish Cypriot view that all arguments, counter arguments, methods and alternative methods have been exhausted in the Cyprus problem and claimed: “Therefore, we are approaching to the end. If a will exists, the Cyprus problem could be solved within a few months. We will have the opportunity to test this will of the Greek Cypriot side in Geneva”.

Ozersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready for the Geneva summit and it has been clarified how it will act and how it will behave in various situations.

Ozersay noted that some convergences have been achieved before the summit in Geneva and added that intensive negotiations were held after the second summit on the issue of transferring the past international agreements to the “new partnership” as well as issues such as the police, the property, the future international agreements and the citizenship. He said that the special representatives of the leaders held more than 60 meetings and added that the breakaway regime attaches great importance to the international agreements that will be transferred to the “new partnership”. He recalled that full reconciliation was achieved on this issue and that a reconciliation paper was prepared. He said that the technical committee which has been established on this issue continues to discuss the agreements.

According to Ozersay, a little distance has been left for the completion on the chapter of the police. Referring to the citizenship and the property, Ozersay noted that serious disagreements exist between the sides and added that a population census will be held most probably in November in the occupied area of Cyprus.

Ozersay reiterated that the Turkish Cypriot side had participated in the New York summit in November 2010 having prepared a road map and in the summit in Geneva in January having a practical plan. “That is, we participate in this kind of meetings after making serious preparations and I could not see any reason why we should not go to the 7 July summit with a plan”, he said.


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