How the Turkish Cypriot press covered the results of the Geneva meetingThe Turkish Cypriot press gives extensive coverage today (08.07.11) on the results of the meeting held yesterday in Geneva with the participation of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu.

Daily Kibris newspaper refers to the issue under the title: “‘Good news from Geneva” and reports that the intensification of the process with the aim of finding a solution by the end of the year was decided in Geneva. The paper describes the statements made after the meeting as “hopeful”.

Under the title: “The Turkish side is satisfied”, Gunes newspaper argues that the Turkish side has made a “new opening” by proposing that the discussion of the territory issue could start, but without reference to a map. The paper writes that the statements made by Ban Ki-moon were in harmony with the Turkish side’s demand for a time limit to the process.

Daily Star Kibris refers to the developments under the title: “Opening on the territory” and argues that the Greek Cypriot side “petrified” during the meeting when the Turkish Cypriot side said that it is ready to discuss the territory except the issue of the map and the numbers. Star Kibris’ editor-in-chief, Sefa Karahasan writes in his daily column that three important steps were taken in Geneva. The one is the step of the Turkish side on the territory, by which it “stopped being the side that blocks the negotiations”. The second important step, according to Karahasan, is the timetable in the process and the third is the agreement between the sides that the two constituent states will have the majority of property and population in their own territory.

Under the title: “You have three months time”, daily Haberdar reports that contrary to his positive statements after the summit, Ban Ki-moon talked very tough and decisively behind closed doors.

Under the title: “Time limit until October”, Ortam newspaper reports that the intensification of the negotiations until October on the issues of basic disagreements between the sides was decided in Geneva yesterday.

Under the title: “The role of the UN is upgraded”, daily Havadis newspaper reports that important decisions were taken during the meeting in Geneva.

Halkin Sesi covers the meeting under the title: “Full speed until October”.

Daily Vatan newspaper refers to the developments under the title: “Surprise on the ‘territory’ by the Turkish side at the Geneva summit”.

Daily Volkan refers to the same issue under the title: “Surprising opening”.

Daily Kibrisli newspaper covers the issue in its inside pages under the title: “Intensified negotiations on the fundamental issues!”

Daily Yeniduzen newspaper refers to the meeting under the title: “Intensification until October”.

Daily Afrika newspaper reports that there were no surprises at the Geneva meeting. The paper refers to the stance of the United Nations under the title: “Neither party suffers damage by the UN”.

Daily Bakis newspaper refers to the issue under the title: “They will be intensified”.

Weekly Yenicag newspaper covers the issue under the title: “Beating of the air continues”.

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