The leaders of the two communities in Cyprus will determine the process with which they will intensify the peace talks they are involved in at a meeting in July, in Cyprus, according to diplomatic sources, close to the Greek Cypriot side, which appears pleased with Thursday`s meeting, as the UN Secretary General reiterated that the basis of the talks continues to be UN Resolution 1251.

According to sources, the Greek Cypriot side insists that the talks continue to be Cypriot owned and are conducted on the basis described in UN Security Council resolutions. The talks are expected to be intensified in the form of day-long discussions over two days. The dates and their duration have not yet been decided, however, a new meeting with the UN Secretary General is expected to take place late in October in New York.

The same sources indicated that the UN chief respects the position of the Greek Cypriot side that no timetable and no arbitration must be imposed. During Thursday`s meeting in Geneva, the issue of an international conference on the Cyprus problem was not discussed in detail, with the Greek Cypriot side insisting that such a meeting cannot take place unless “we are within range of an agreement.“

“There was no surprise for anybody at today`s meeting“ on the territorial issue, contrary to press reports, which have suggested otherwise, the sources said, adding that each side outlined its positions on the matter. The UN Secretary General believes, they noted, that territorial and property issues cannot but be linked, a position Ban Ki Moon has upheld since November last year and repeated during his telephone conversations with both community leaders in April.

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