A MAN was chased to his workplace in Dhali by gun-wielding men in a car on Friday night who shot at him three times, causing damage to a nearby parked car.

According to police, the man made a statement saying that while he was sitting in his parked car at ten minutes to midnight on Friday, he saw three unknown men stop in a car next to him.

The complainant left the area in his car, but was immediately followed by the three in the other car. At some point, the car giving chase hit the back bumper of the man’s car while both vehicles were moving.

The man drove to his workplace, a kiosk in Dhali, to seek help. After parking his car outside, he saw the co-driver of the take out a weapon and shoot three times, causing damage to another car parked outside the kiosk.

According to state broadcaster CyBC, the kiosk was full at the time but no one was injured. The registration plates of the car used by the three assailants were fake, it added.

Pera Chorio police are investigating the case.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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