The occupation regime attacked protesters against Erdogan’s visit

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (20.07.11) reports that the occupation regime turned all its security forces yesterday against the activists who were protesting for the illegal visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the occupied area of Cyprus in order to participate in the celebrations on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus. Under the front-page titles: “Hit me, I will not die” and “The malice of imam” it refers to three incidents which happened yesterday.

According to the paper, the “police”, who were given the order not to permit any protesting demonstration or banners, attempted to bring down a banner hanged at KTAMS trade union’s headquarters. The banner was saying the following: “You give us one and take five from us, and without being ashamed you say that you feed us”. The activists did not allow the “police” to take the banner. The “police” obtained a ‘search warrant” from the “court” and confiscated the banner.

The second incident happened at the Hamid Mandres roundabout where the Trade Unions Platform was planning a demonstration. The paper reports that the “police” clashed with the gathered people using globs, shields and pepper spray and did not allow them to approach the roundabout. Also the “police” turned a blind eye to an attack the protesters faced by a fascist nationalistic group, during which the paper’s correspondent was injured.

The third incident took place in front of the former Cyprus Turkish Airlines building, where the “police” attacked the demonstration tent of Hava-Sen. In their effort to confiscate the protest banners that were inside the tent, serious brawl took place. Injured protesters had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance, as well as a “policeman”. The paper notes that the violence used by the “police” was instructed by Erdal Emanet, suspect for the murder of Solomou, was recently reappointed in Lefkosia’s “police”.

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