Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli (19.07.11) reports that representatives from various civil society organizations and political parties gave yesterday a press conference in KTOS offices, inviting all the people to the protests against the visit of Recep Tayip Erdogan. BKP, KSP, YKP, Baraka Cultural Centre, E.K.I.M Cultural Centre, Gelecek newspaper, Barikat newspaper, Cag-Sen, DAU-Bir-Sen, KTOS and Tip-Is expressed their support to the demonstration which is scheduled to take place today at 5 p.m.

Speaking first at the press conference, Besim Baysal on behalf of the Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS) said that the protest that they organize in [occupied] Hamid Mandres roundabout is a reaction to all the years of humiliation and the economic measures.

Izzet Izcan, the general secretary of the United Cyprus Party (BKP) repeated the problems of extinction and population transfer from Turkey that the Turkish Cypriots face. He said that the insult by Erdogan to the Turkish Cypriot “people” was unacceptable and supported that he must apologize before “sermonizing” the Turkish Cypriots.

Murat Kanatli, secretary of the New Cyprus Party (YKP) argued that they watch the occupied area of Cyprus becoming a province of Turkey and invited to the protest everyone who wants to continue living in this area.

The general secretary of the Cyprus Socialist Party Yusuf Alkim said that this demonstration is not targeting Erdogan, who is a representative of the Turkish State. Instead, he said that various sides and not only the Turkish Cypriots, who want democracy in Turkey and human rights, will participate.

Gorkem Eylem, a representative from Barikat newspaper invited everyone to the protest in order to express to the Turkish Government that they “do not want their money, nor their economic packet, neither their officers”. Also Munur Rahvancioglu called on the “honourable Turkish people” to express their reaction to Turkey’s pressures.

The paper also reports that the “council of ministers” of the breakaway regime’s “administration” decided to postpone the strike that KTAMS has announced in the Air Traffic Control Centre of occupied Tymbou airport between 4.00pm-7.00pm. The strike was postponed for 60 days according to the decision.

Ahmet Kaptan, chairman of the “Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants” Trade Union’s (KTAMS) condemned the “government” for banning their strike which was a protest to Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan and his degrading words for the Turkish Cypriots.

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