Archbishop of America Demetrios was received Friday by President of the Republic Demetris Christofias, who informed him about the Cyprus problem.

In statements to the press after having been received by the President of the Republic he said that we were given the opportunity to discuss and exchange points of view regarding the ongoing negotiations of the Cyprus issue.

He added that this way our own continuous effort in America as regards the Cyprus issue to find the right solution and to be vindicated – will be based on the true, substantial and precise facts which only the President may convey fully and correctly.

Archbishop Demetrios expressed his gratitude towards President Christofias saying that he communicated on a level of substance, objectivity and with a permanent, as he noted, orientation towards a right solution of the Cyprus problem.

After leaving the Presidential Palace Archbishop of America visited the Memorial of Tymvos Makedonitissas in Nicosia, where he was met by Minister of Defence Costas Papacostas. During his visit he laid a wreath in memory of those who fell during the 1974 invasion.

He was then briefed by Brigadier Andreas Hadjipavlou of the historic significance of Tymvos an area in which battles were fought during the Turkish invasion of 1974 and where many lost their lives whilst defending the Republic.

The Memorial of Tymvos contains two hundred and forty one cenotaphs, he said, adding that another 876 cenotaphs are being built, whereas the remains of 85 missing persons which were identified in recent years using DNA methods have been buried at the Makedonitissa cemetery.

Archbishop Demetrios said that Tymvos is a holly place since the land has received the bodies of heroes. Heroes, he stressed, who did not just sacrifice their lives but also prevented the enemy from advancing and taking over Nicosia.

He further spoke of 1974 and his memories of it saying the invasion left a bitter taste which continues with the ongoing occupation of the island. He also referred to the illegal settling of the occupied areas by Turkey which he said is a mark of conquering intentions rather than peaceful ones.

Archbishop Demetrios concluded by wishing that the blood spilt by heroes in this land will make it fertile and that the flowers of freedom and reunification of Cyprus will bloom once again.

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