PETER Andre sounds like he needs a bit of a cuddle, as he reckons he’s getting “sad and old.”

Peter Andre, who turned 38 this year, says he’s getting “sad and old” as he loves nothing more than a quiet night in watching fishing programmes on the box.

The father-of-two admitted that in 10 years he’d like to be sat on a fishing boat in the Mediterranean ocean and is practicing now by watching the Discovery Channel on Friday night with his mate Carl.

And despite being seen as a heartthrob by his legion of fans, he said he’s growing less happy with his looks as he gets older.

He added that he used to look in a mirror and think he looked pretty cool, but now his least favourite part of himself is his face.

However, the Perfect Night crooner still makes an effort with his appearance and is particularly focused on smelling good.

He explained that whenever he leaves the house he always showers, puts on a bit of cocoa butter and then a nice eau de toilette.

Source: OK Magazine

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