PETER Andre received an indecent proposal filming his new show – when a man begged him to cop off with his own wife. He was gobsmacked at the request for ITV2’s Here To Help, a modern twist on Jim’ll Fix It. The programme has Pete, 38, offering his services to someone in need – but he has to agree trades rather than swap money. The singer revealed: “One guy said, ‘I will give you something if you snog my wife’. In the end I didn’t kiss her but did take her for a coffee.” Jordan’s ex Pete agreed to do most things but he put his foot down when asked to wear skimpy swimwear. He said: “Someone wanted me in budgie smugglers. I don’t even do that in my own home.” The worst job was cleaning a workplace’s toilets. He explained: “I didn’t like that. I had to disinfect them and everything. “But I love doing everyday jobs, like working in shops and garden centres. I get a chance to dip into that world. It’s humbling.” Pete agreed to model dresses at a carnival, work in a bar and play in a kids’ football match. Video: Peter Andre exclusive chat Singer and reality TV star reveals his new show Here To Help to TV Biz TV Biz The first of six episodes, on Thursday on ITV2, sees him helping single mum Corinne, who struggles to look after her two-year-old son while juggling work as a teacher and a social life. She tells pals she has a crush on Pete. But he said: “I did not pick up a vibe until I saw that episode back. I thought she wanted us out of her house!” Despite still looking for his ideal match, Pete said he would not ask for help in his love life. He admitted: “Cupid is good to me sometimes and other times it doesn’t want to know. But I’ve never asked my friends to set me up with anyone.

Source: The Sun

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