Greece will be left without taxis on today Monday and Tuesday as cab owners intend to show their opposition to the sector’s liberalization at the height of the tourism season.

The Transport Ministry is promoting the full opening-up of the sector but the owners, who have paid up to 200,000 euros each for a cab permit, are threatening with long-lasting action if the ministry does not accept their demands.

The main point of contention for taxi owners is the ministry’s intention to lift all limitations to the issuing of new permits.

Owners call for licensing criteria based on population figures, i.e. one permit per 400 people in Athens and Thessaloniki and one permit per 1,000 people in the rest of the country.

At least the traffic restrictions to the entry of cars to downtown Athens based on their plate number are abolished from Monday until the end of August.

Source: Ekathemerini

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