The United States do not believe that the status quo on Cyprus benefits anyone, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Saturday, noting that both sides would benefit from a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

Speaking at a joint press conference in Constantinople with Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu and replying to questions, Clinton said “we want to see a bizonal, bicommunal federation, and we would like to see it as soon as possible, we would like to see it by 2012.”

“The United States very actively promoted the referendum that was presented to the population of Cyprus back in 2004. And we were disappointed by the outcome, because we thought that that would have resolved a lot of the issues that are still being very difficult to overcome. We don’t think the status quo on Cyprus benefits anyone. It’s gone on for far too long,” she said.

She added that “we believe both sides would benefit from a settlement, and we strongly support the renewed, reenergised efforts that the United Nations is leading and that the Cypriots themselves are responsible for, because ultimately, they’re the ones who have to make the hard decisions about how to resolve all of the outstanding issues.”

“We want to see a bizonal, bicommunal federation, and we would like to see it as soon as possible. We would like to see it by 2012. And that is something that the UN has said. That’s something I know Turkey believes. It’s something we believe. And we’re going to do everything we can to support this process and finally try to see a resolution,” Clinton pointed out.

Davutoglu noted that, among other issues, they discussed “the Turkey-EU relations and also the latest point reached in the negotiations about Cyprus.”

3 Responses to Hilary Clinton speaks on Cyprus issue on visit to Turkey

  1. Antony Nicodemous says:

    …Or alternatively the Turks that invaded Cyprus could just get out of Cyprus ? They shouldn’t be there in the first place ! By saying he, or she or they will make an agreement is like saying the invasion was justified ? I mean am I wrong here ?

  2. Demetri says:

    Why would we want bi-comunal system? that would mean that Turkish cypriots would be able to VOTE and run for PRESIDENCY of the island? and more Turks from main land turkey would be able to move to the island freely. Over time they will out number the Greek Cypriot Community and in years to come dominate the island. Our customs and way of life would change dramatically due to differences of faith and general life styles.

  3. Androulla says:

    I am hoping that President Obama along with Hilary Clinton will do more for the people of Cyprus in aiding a just and fair resolution for its people.

    It is pretty plain to see that the invasion of 1974 was a result of Cypriots seeking independence coupled with the denial of American air bases on the island.

    It is common knowledge amongst Cypriots that the then Turkish prime minister met with the British prime minister a week prior to the invasion, a fact confirmed in documents released under the official secrets act.

    America also benefited from the invasion as Turkey were able to guarantee US airbases on the island, something which the Cypriot Government of 1974 would not do. Lets not forget the 1975, US imposed arms embargo on Turkey for using American-supplied equipment during the invasion of Cyprus.

    It is said that half of the population of Northern Cyprus are Turkish settlers and this would include children of these settlers following the invasion. Prior to the illegal occupation, Turkish Cypriots barely made up 20% of the Cypriot population. Turkish citizens have been encouraged to settle on the island to boost the numbers to strengthen the argument for an unfair settlement. Put simply COLONIALISM.

    My grandmother died on foreign soil, last year. Since 1974 she had a hole in her heart larger than anything imaginable. She could not return home. She, her neighbours and much of her family had been displaced as a result of the Illegal occupation. This is the same for many Grandmothers both Greek and Turkish Cypriots alike.

    As the years have passed governments seeking to benefit from a resolution have become reliant on wounds healing and direct victims dying. However, years do not distort the facts. The fact remains that Turkey are illegally occupying the island of Cyprus. The Turkish Government, which defies so many people basic human rights also wish to join the European Union. They wish to create title to land, which they do not own and profit from such land. The years that have gone by do not by any means make the illegal, legal. This is a fact that should be remembered when arriving at a fair and just resolution for all genuine Cypriot people and their descendants.

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