Police dismantled three criminal gangs at once in a sweeping operation with 48 arrests late on Friday, for a case that implicates as many as 220 people. The three gangs, which cooperated closely with each other, are accused amongst other things of drug trafficking, pimping, forgery, arms possession and trafficking as well as money laundering. Out of the 220 people who will have charges filed against, the 18 are considered leading members. The suspects had been efficiently monitored by the National Intelligence Agency (EYP). The Drugs Squad of Larissa police in cooperation with the Special Crimes of Violence Division conducted a massive operation on Friday night that covered all of Thessaly as well as Athens and Thessaloniki, with more than 100 police officers involved. In total 34 houses, warehouses and other buildings were searched in the presence of prosecution officers, with 48 people arrested including two foreign women. There was a wide variety of drugs confiscated, such as cocaine, heroine, cannabis, cannabis trees and narcotic pills, plus a number of weapons, 43 cars and a motorbike that were used for the trafficking of drugs or were bought after the sale of drugs, 88 cell phones, 32,350 euros in various banknotes and bills of exchange, and a number of forged certificates. The 48 people arrested were taken to a Larissa prosecutor.

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