Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (26.07.11) reports that the intensified process within the framework of the Cyprus talks started yesterday with the discussion of the chapter of Governance and Power Sharing. The intensified negotiations between President Christofias and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu will continue until 21 October, writes the paper.

In statements at his office after the meeting, Dervis Eroglu said that yesterday they discussed issues related to the chapter of Governance and Power Sharing and covered a lot of distance but they could not completely conclude these issues.

“We mutually submitted our proposals and discussed on these proposals. We were not able to completely conclude the issue”, he noted.

Eroglu said that the representatives of the leaders will meet on Thursday, the leaders will come together on Friday and in case reconciliation is reached they decided to continue discussing the other issues of the same chapter. Eroglu added that yesterday they discussed the issues of “Public Service Committee”, “Public Administration”, “Foreign Relations”, “Agreements with Foreign Countries” and similar issues under the chapter of Governance and Power Sharing.

“I could say that we covered a lot of distance and many convergences were achieved but these issues have not been concluded”, said Eroglu pointing out to the importance of the main issues under the chapter of Governance and Power Sharing.

Eroglu noted that they will continue to comply with the principle of “secrecy” after the request of the UN Secretary ? General in Geneva. He said they will continue to search for ways of reaching an agreement until October by carrying out the negotiations under the principle of secrecy.

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