Under the above title, Turkish Cypriot daily Halkin Sesi (19.07.11) reports on statements by Huseyin Ozgurgun, so called minister of foreign affairs of the breakaway regime. Ozgurgun during a lunch he had with the “Association of Diplomatic Correspondents” commented on Erdogan’s expected visit to the occupied area of Cyprus and said that he will not come to the island as a guest (misafir) but as the host/ landlord (ev sahibi).

Evaluating the negotiations process, he said that the New York meeting will be a turning point. He repeated Davutoglu’s statements that if no progress is recorded in Cyprus talks by January 2012, Turkey-EU relations could freeze, and added that the Cyprus talks would be frozen at least for two years and that there is no guarantee that they would resume after a 2-3 years period.

Ozgurgun explained that they expect an international conference to take place in January, followed by a referendum. When asked if there is a plan B in case there is no solution in January, he said that such plan exists but they will not reveal it at this stage. He also claimed that if no progress is recorded by 2012, it would be made well known that the Greek Cypriot side does not have the intention to solve the issue.

Ozgurgun alleged that the Cyprus accession to the EU, before solving the Cyprus problem, was a big mistake and said that the EU do not want a solution in Cyprus, adding that the stance of several leaders towards the “TRNC” proved this. “If the EU wanted a solution, it would put pressure on the Greek Cypriot administration so that the Greek Cypriots would approach a solution,” claimed Ozgurgun.

Regarding the Cyprus talks, Ozgurgun said that progress could not be achieved in land, property and share of power topics, however, there were some developments in the EU and the economy topics. He repeated the Turkish Cypriot’s side red lines for a solution: two people, political equality of the two founding states, Turkey’s guarantees and the EU primary law.

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