David Haye in his World title fight versus wladimir klitschko last night had the occupied Cyprus flag showing on his shorts when he was defeated on points in the the twelve rounder in Hamburg, Germany.

He has been training in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus because of his trainer Adam Booth (born as Adam Eşref Cevdet Booth is a British boxing trainer. . Booth’s father is a Turkish Cypriot and his training camp is based in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Booth has also trained and managed a number of other leading British talents including George Groves, Danny Williams, Gary Logan and leading female fighter Cathy Brown.

His reputation as a physical trainer extends beyond boxing as he has also acted as a health consultant for Kylie Minogue.

2 Responses to David Haye shorts show flag of Turkish occupied Cyprus in World title bout

  1. george papageorgiou says:

    It is intresting to see that you have not mentioned that the flag is not recognised or that it is an illegal occupied cyprus. He has once again shown the world he is a disgrace. Should not call himself a SPORTSMAN.

  2. jay smith says:

    you are a just a stupid greek

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