Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Antonis Paschalides on Monday announced that new photovoltaic and wind parks will operate by the end of the year in order to boost Cyprus’ electricity supply, after the destruction of the country’s biggest power plant at Vasiliko, following the blast at the naval base “Evangelos Florakis” near Limassol.

The blast occurred when a cache of seized Iranian munitions blew up.
About 100 containers – most packed with gunpowder – had been stacked in an open field at the base since 2009. They had been seized from a ship sailing from Iran to Syria, in violation of UN sanctions against Teheran. Thirteen people were killed and dozens injured. The damage at Vasiliko power plant has resulted in daily power cuts.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with the Ministers of Interior, Finance and Agriculture, at the presence of senior officials from the Electricity Authority, the Transmission Operator and Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, Paschalides said that “we are trying to simplify the procedures and give incentives because we need electricity as soon as possible”.

According to Commerce Minister, next week there will be more detailed announcements regarding the precise electricity supply these parks will provide us with as well as the exact cost.

He added that during the meeting, a decision was made as to to sponsor small photovoltaic systems up to 20 KW for domestic and commerce purposes, noting that all applications will be examined by the end of 2011.

Government will also subsidy photovoltaic panels between 21 and 150 KW Paschalides said, noting however that there will be an auction procedure to be followed.

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