Revenue from tourism reached 187.1 million euros in May 2011 compared to 164.8 million euros in the corresponding month of the previous year, recording an increase of 13.6%.

According to the results of the Passenger Survey, for the period January-May 2011 revenue from tourism is estimated at 456.9 million euros compared to 383.0 million euros in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 19,3%.

During the respective period of 2009, revenue from tourism reached 390.4 million euros, and in the respective period of 2008 it reached 442.3 million euros.

In April 2011, revenue from tourism increased by 53.5%, in March by 1.3%, in February by 8.8% and in January by just 0.4%, compared to the respective months of 2010.

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