The “property compensation commission” has concluded 184 cases until today

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis (02.06.11) reports on a meeting of the so-called prime minister Irsen Kucuk with a delegation of the so-called property compensation commission set up by Turkey in the occupied area of Cyprus. The “commission” informed Kucuk, that the number of applications submitted to it reached 1.382 since 17 March 2006, when the “commission” was established. According to the paper, payments of 59 million 895 thousand and 440 British pounds in compensation have been ordered.

As it is reported, 177 of these applications have ended though an amicable settlement and seven with a “trial”. In parallel to compensations, the “commission” decided the return of property in one case, exchange and compensation of property in two other cases and return of property and compensation in five applications. In addition, in one case, it was decided the return of property after the solution of the Cyprus problem and in another case, partial return of the property was decided.

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