Broadcast Live From the BattleCam website Eccentric Billionaire Alki David has paid for the Rights to Live Stream the Legal Assisted Suicide of a Terminally Sick Brain Cancer Patient on the website

On Friday July 29th at 9 PM EST Cypriot Alki David will stream the legally assisted suicide of Nikolai Ivanisovich (62), who is terminally sick with brain cancer from a clinic in Switzerland with the use of lethal injection administered by a physician.

In June 2011, the BBC documentary chronicling the assisted suicide of 71-year-old Peter Smedley which was aired in the UK. “The BattleCam broadcast which will stream the end of life in real-time, live and as as it happens. “This is a breakthrough in consciousness on what we watch and how we watch it” said Claude Haraser VP of BattleCam Operations.

The terminally ill man Mr. Nikolai Ivanisovich said in an interview with Russia Today that, “I am grateful to Mr. David and his team for making this possible. My family will be able to live in prosperity after I pass. May God bless Mr. David for his kindness and generosity.”

“We are creating a new form of interactive special interest with Battlecam’s unique voting system,” said Alki David. “the online audience will actually vote whether they want to see the suicide or not.”

“Projecting the moral questions that will arise from this event, I would like to add that I find nothing wrong with this at all. Death is a fact of life and physician assisted suicide in the United States is legal in the States of Oregon, Montana and Washington. Many governments throughout the Western World including Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg recognize the importance the right to each individual’s right to end their life, free of terminal pain.” Mr. David said from his home on the Greek island of Spetses.

About is a 24/7 Reality TV Website where live events are regularly cast to a wide range of audiences.

Historically is famous for sponsoring the Presidential Streaker Juan Rodrigiez and having hosted the largest live Video Game audience of over 127 000 Simultaneous Viewers during the Battlecam Billionaire’s Challenge in July 2011.

About Alki David

Alki David  is a digital media entrepreneur and shipping magnate. He is listed as the 45th richest man in the United Kingdom by Times Magazine’s “Rich List. He is also the richest Cypriot, according to the Greek Rich List,  he was born in Nigeria , his parents from Cyprus.” In addition to founding and, he is a writer, director and producer of feature films and TV shows. David has also starred in several films and television series, such as THE BANK JOB and THE GRID.

Source: MMD Newswire

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