More contacts by Chinese businessmen who are illegally visiting the occupied area

Under the title: “They want to buy everything”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (15.07.11) reports that the Chinese businessmen who are currently carry out contacts in the occupied area in order to look for investment opportunities in the island, stated that they want to buy all the olive oil which is produced in the occupied area.

As the paper writes, the Chinese businessmen met yesterday with Turkish Cypriot businessman Hasan Ozbafli and visited also Kibris Media Group offices where they met with the editor-in chief of the paper Resat Akar.

In his statement during the meeting, Ozbafli said that the Chinese businessmen are visiting the occupied area since they are interested to make investments in the field of tourism, the bio-energy, the green power, the construction and the agriculture sectors.

Saying that the businessmen delegation is composed by investors from China and the US, Hasan Ozbafli said that they are examining the possibility to make trade between China and the “TRNC”.

Ozbafli further said that the Chinese businessmen are interested especially to invest in the tourism sector adding that they are also interested on agriculture products, like oil olive and carobs. He further said that they already exerting efforts to buy all the olive oil which is produced in the “TRNC”.

Speaking on behalf of the Chinese businessmen delegation, Henry Qin, chairman of the Melongda Group stated that they are carrying out contacts in the “TRNC” in order to look for investment opportunities and to bring tourism and students from China. Qin reiterated the problem that exists with Turkey on visa requirements and stressed the need for the problem to be solved so that to be able to bring tourists to the “TRNC”.

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  1. Antony Nicodemous says:

    Yes, I see; Trading One illegal occupier for another ??!!

  2. Cyprus Expat says:

    They are trying to get China to replace Turkey to support North Cyprus

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