On July 20th, 2011 Greek-Cypriots in New York marked the 37th black anniversary
of the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus by demonstrating and handing out
thousands of flyers outside of the 5th Avenue New York CIty headquarters of
ANT1. The slogans were “SHAME ON ANT1 Television (GREECE)” and “EZEL/ANTENNA IS
A DISGRACE” . The demonstration,helped by Greek-Cypriot pedestrians, was held to
bring attention to ANT1 (Greece) television’s airing of the criminal Turkish TV
series Ezel illegally filmed in Turkish-occupied Cyprus and illegally promoting
the Turkish criminal enterprises built on land stolen from Greek-Cypriots by the
illegal Turkish invasion in 1974.

The Greek National Television and Radio authorities recently archived over 250
protest letters against ANT1 (Greece) for airing the illegal Turkish TV series

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