The electricity supply from the Turkish occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus has reached 110 MW, Director of the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (TSO) Christos Christodoulides said on Tuesday.
“This additional power is helping us to accommodate our electricity needs,” said Christodoulides, after the massive explosion on July destroyed the Vassiliko power in Mari.
Christodoulides added that power was first directed from the occupied areas during the early hours of Sunday with a load of around 20MW which was increased to 110MW.
“We assessed the situation step by step, there were some technical details we needed to go over and now the load has increased”, he noted.
He added that at this point, we are able to produce a load of 680MW and the supply to the consumers reached 670MW.
Director of TSO called on consumers to keep on saving energy and to be cooperative, noting that the situation remains critical.
“We are doing our best in order to accommodate consumers and not to increase the electricity cuts, however we need their assistance”.

Source: Cyprus Weekly

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